steve. formed during the summer of 2015 in New Brunswick, NJ by Eric, Zach, and Ky. The three were performing in other projects from the area, so steve. existed as a side project for the first year they were a band. They released their first EP, Boo-Shemi, in the fall of 2015. They released their second EP, Drunk @ Brunch, in the summer of 2017, which Nick had offered to help produce. Since 2016, they’ve embarked on East Coast tours along with fellow New Brunswick locals Semiotics, and New York City's Nervous Dater and Good Looking Friends. In the spring of 2018, they began to record the songs that would end up becoming their first full length LP, You Can Do This, Too, released via I Surrender Records in the fall of 2019. They also decided to add Nick to the studio and live lineup. 

Now a four-piece, steve. can be seen performing in basements, bars, art spaces, and skateparks along the East Coast. They're fast and loud.